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CRY2110 Noise sensor

CRY2110 Noise sensor is a new type of noise test equipment developed by CRY Sound for industrial applications. Its product performance complies with such standards as IEC61672 (Class 2) and GB/T3785 (Type 2).

The sensor is small in size and its stainless steel case is robust and corrosion-resistant. It is equipped with precision measurement microphone, integrated preamplifier, high precision ADC and high speed DSP processor. Its excellent hardware design provides 110 dB dynamic range. With excellent performance, it can measure the environmental noises as low as 25 dBA.

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Small figure
  • High industrial compatibility
Features of CRY2110

Features of CRY2110

  • Small volume, robust, corrosion-resistant and stainless steel case

  • Equipped with Class II measurement microphone, highly-integrated internal hardware circuits, excellent performance

  • 110 dB dynamic range, able to measure the environmental noises as low as 25 dBA

  • Supporting tests at multiple sound pressure levels (SPL), A/C/Z frequency weighting and F/S time weighting

  • Using RS485 bus and supporting multiple communication protocols

Technical specification
Technical specifications of CRY2110 noise sensor (universal version)

Applicable Standards

IEC61672 (Class 2) and GB/T3785 (Class 2)
Standard MicrophoneCRY331

Optional Microphone

CRY311(1/2'' to 1'' adaptor required)
Measurement Range25~130dBA (Due to slight differences in the sensitivity of the supported microphones, this value shall be subject to the actual product specification.)
Dynamic Range≥ 110 dB,with no need for measuring range switching
AD sampling rate48kHz
Detection modeFull digital
Receiver noise19dB(A)、21dB(C)、27dB(Z)
Frequency range10Hz~20kHz
Frequency weightingA、C、Z
Time weightingF、S
Measurement indicatorLxy(x=A/C/Z,y=F/S)
Data refresh cycle50ms
Sound pressure level (SPL) outputRS-485;4~20mA,1~5V or 2~10V(either of the three)
Supply voltageDC 5-24V(For current output and voltage output, please use high supply voltage for power supply.)
Overall Dimensionɸ24.5mm×111mm
Operating conditions-10~+50 ℃;RH: ≤ 90% (without condensation)
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