USB type-c headphone test

USB type-c headphone test

In recent years, a series of new headphones have been launched on the market. They have various connections, such as 3.5mm audio interface, USB interface, and Bluetooth connection, etc. Each connection method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Taking USB Type-C as an example, it has high fidelity, and it is also suitable for data communication and power supply. Therefore, USB Type-C headsets require a higher level of testing methods to ensure their quality. Our Type-C headset test solution is simple and convenient to operate. The test is efficient and accurate. The fixtures can be customized. It is an industry-leading test solution.

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Solution introduction
PCBA test

PCBA test

CRY6151B is connected to the input terminal via USB cable with USB-Type C adapter-> sound card sound, input signal input PCB board-> left and right output signals are connected to the DB9 port on the rear panel of the CRY6151B electroacoustic tester for analysis

Test parameters

USB Type-C Headset Test

Frequency response (FR)

Total harmonic distortion (THD)




Right and left positions

USB Type-C Microphone TestFrequency response (FR)
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Button Test
Volume + / volume -; up / down; pause
OtherSupport the reading and writing of a version number. Cooperate with MES to modify internal Flash data and other functions

Configuration list
CRY6151B Electroacoustic Tester X1 Standard Details
CRY Electroacoustic Testing Software (Type_C equipment test software) X1 Standard Details
CRY602 Mouth Simulator X1 Standard Details
CRY333 Measurement Microphone X1 Standard Details
CRY506 Preamplifier X1 Standard Details
CRY711 Ear Simulator X2 Standard Details
CRY508 Preamplifier X2 Standard Details
CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
Fixture X1 Customization Details
PC X1 *Optional* Details