Parallel four bluetooth headphone audio test

Parallel four bluetooth headphone audio test

In the recent development of Bluetooth testing, the parallel "dual" Bluetooth test is required almost by each client. The dual Bluetooth test is preferred for its higher equipment and staff utilization and efficiency. The quadruple Bluetooth test system is an extreme upgrade to dual Bluetooth, with minimal hardware changes in exchange for maximum efficiency breakthroughs. From dual Bluetooth to "Quadruple Bluetooth", the test efficiency is doubled, and the UPH of a single device is up to 400. Test products cover Bluetooth PCBA, semi-finished and finished Bluetooth products.

  • One audio transmitter connecting four devices
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • From "Dual" to "Quadruple"
Solution introduction
Parallel four bluetooth test

Parallel four bluetooth test

  • One CRY6151B electroacoustic tester and four channels for TWS single-head parallel testing

  • Quadruple Bluetooth is the highest-efficient Bluetooth audio test equipment in this industry. The UPH of a single device is up to 400. One such device performs better than two dual Bluetooth ones.

  • One equipment can be compatible with single-head quadruple testing and double-head dual testing. Our specific software enables one-touch switching without any software change.

Test parameters


Bluetooth SPK Test

Frequency Response

Total harmonic distortion (THD)


Bluetooth MIC Test

Frequency Response
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Bluetooth Function TestBluetooth Keypad Test
Bluetooth Volume Test
A2DP music Test
Absolute volume control

Configuration list
CRY6151B Electroacoustic tester X1 Standard Details
CRY574Pro Bluetooth Dongle X4 Standard Details
CRY574ProB Bluetooth Dongle X1 Standard Details
CRY574ProA1 Bluetooth Dongle X1 Standard Details
CRY574ProB1 Bluetooth Dongle X1 Standard Details
CRY710 Shielding Box X2 Standard Details
CRY605 Mouth Simulator X2 Standard Details
CRY711 Ear Simulator X4 Standard Details
CRY508 Preamplifier X4 Standard Details
Silicone Sound Cavity X4 *Optional* Details
PC X1 *Optional* Details
Test Fixture X2 *Optional* / Customized Details
CRY Bluetooth Parallel Quadruple-Testing Software X1 Standard Details
CRY333 Measurement Microphone X1 *Optional* Details
CRY5611 Acoustic Calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
CRY506 Preamplifier X1 *Optional* Details