Dual bluetooth headphone RF automated test

Dual bluetooth headphone RF automated test

For TWS headphones, endless search, slow pairing, frequent dropped calls, non-fluent music play and calls, and other communication issues most affect the user experience. In order to prevent products with communication problems from being delivered to consumers and to continuously improve product communication performance, we have launched an automatic test system for radio frequency (RF) performance production lines.

  • Professional service
  • Fast response
  • Fast testing
Solution introduction

  • The system instrument is designed to share one instrument at two stations, which will be operated by the operator simultaneously to maximize the efficiency of this expensive RF instrument.

  • Reliable and high-performance RF accessories are selected to minimize additional uncertainty.

  • The system supports ACL/DUT test mode to meet the RF test requirements of different products.

  • Compatibility: it supports Qualcomm/CSR, BES, Realtek, VIMICRO, Broadcom, Bluetrum, Jieli and other solutions.

  • The system supports Anritsu MT8852B, Agilent N4010A/R&S CMW500 Bluetooth comprehensive communication tester, giving customers a variety of options.

  • The design of the RF test fixture is strictly based on the RF test requirements. PCBA/finished product testing can be quickly switched by simply changing the fixture.

  • Completely self-developed, software customization service available, and docking with MES supported

Test parameters
BDR test

Transmitting power

Power control
Initial carrier tolerance
Carrier drift
Single-slot sensitivity
Multi-slot sensitivity
Modulation factor
Maximum input level
EDR testRelative transmitting power
Frequency and modulation
Differential phase modulation
BER floor
Maximum input level
Configuration list
Integrated Bluetooth tester X1 *Optional* Details
High-performance coupler X1 Standard Details
CRY591 Signal Switching Matrix X1 Standard Details
High-performance RF cable X3 Standard Details
PC X1 Standard Details
UPS stabilized voltage supply X1 Standard Details
Finished fixture X2 *Optional* Details
PCBA fixture X2 *Optional* Details
CRY710-2ST Workbench X1 Standard Details
CRY710 Shielding box X2 Standard Details