Hearing aids test

Hearing aids test

For the hearing aid test system launched by CRYSOUND, the sound source and sound cavity comply with IEC60118-0 (2015), IEC 60118-7 (2005) and ANSI S3.22 (2009). The test items cover OSPL90, HFA, FOG, FOG HFA, RTG, and EIN, etc. Thus, the performance of hearing aids are under comprehensively control. This system is highly integrated and can operate conveniently and give stable and reliable test results. It is an indispensable test system for the development and production of hearing aids.

  • One-click test, convenient and fast
  • Supporting bluetooth products
  • Standard testing
Solution introduction
Test path

Test path

  • Place the hearing aid under test in CRY319 Ear Simulator (2CC Coupled Cavity).

  • CRY6151B outputs specific audio through the MOUTH1 port to make CRY609 Mouth Simulator sound.

  • The microphone in the hearing aid acquires sounds and then SPK plays the sounds.

  • CRY319 Ear SimulatorThe acquired signals are input via the MIC1 port into CRY6151B for analysis.

Test parameters

Hearing aids test

Max. OSPL90

OSPL90 high frequency average (HFP)
Max. full-on acoustic gain (FOG)
Full-on acoustic gain high frequency average (FOG HFA)

Reference test gain (RTG)

Total harmonic distortion (THD) (@65 dB, @ 70dB)
Equivalent input noise (EIN)
Response Limit
Five combined frequency response curves (50 dB, 60 dB, 70 dB, 80 dB, 90 dB)
Configuration list
CRY6151B Electroacoustic tester X1 Standard Details
CRY609 Mouth Simulator X1 Standard Details
CRY372 Measurement microphone X1 Standard Details
CRY510 Preamplifier X1 Standard Details
CRY319 2CC ear simulator X1 Standard Details
Hearing aids test chamber X1 Standard Details
Test cable X1 Standard Details
CRY333 Measurement Microphone X1 Standard Details
CRY507 Preamplifier X1 Standard Details
CRY5611 Sound level calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
CRY711 Ear Simulator X1 *Optional* Details
PC X1 *Optional* Details