Micro speaker test

Micro speaker test

The speaker is an important component in TV and audio equipment, and also a key component of audio communication products (e.g. telephone and mobile phone). Its quality directly affects the sound quality of such products. Micro speakers are generally used in small-sized electroacoustic devices, such as earphones. They are directly related to the hearing of ears. The micro speaker test solution provided by CRYSOUND is compatible with a variety of speaker units, such as balanced armature speaker and moving-coil speaker, and can fully meet customers' requirements for product test items. Special test fixtures can be customized for speaker units including the front cavity of the headphone. This enables fast and stable testing.

  • Multi-channel testing
  • High test speed
  • Customizable test fixtures
Solution introduction

  • The micro speaker is connected to CRY6151B through the HEADPHONE interface to make the speaker unit sound → the measurement microphone collects the signals → signals are transmitted via the MIC interface to CRY6151B for test and analysis.

Test parameters
Speaker testFrequency Response (FR)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
T&S parameters
Higher harmonic (Rub & Buzz)

Resonant frequency F0

Quality factor (Q)


Configuration list
CRY6151B Electroacoustic tester X1 Standard Details
CRY Electroacoustic testing software X1 Standard Details
Supplied standard cable X1 Standard Details
CRY series free-field measurement microphones X1 Standard, based on the product model Details
CRY series preamplifier X1 Standard, based on the product model Details
CRY5611 Sound level calibrator X1 *Optional* Details
PC X1 *Optional* Details