Construction site dust and noise monitoring

Construction site dust and noise monitoring

Urban dust sources have such characteristics as openness, multiple spatial sources, extensiveness, and random emissions. The online dust monitoring system can trace the source of dust pollution, perform fine quantitative analysis of the dust pollution levels, and remotely monitor and capture evidence of illegal dust pollution. Moreover, it can also provide increasingly scientific-technical and data support for effective control over urban dust pollution. The online dust monitoring terminal launched by CRY Sound is an online monitoring terminal for open pollution sources that integrates technologies such as particulate matter (PM) online monitor, noise monitor, meteorological parameter sensor, data acquisition board, and information platform. It is mainly used for online and real-time automatic monitoring of the ambient air quality in the areas where the discharge of fugitive dust pollution sources occurs, as well as residential, commercial, road traffic, and construction areas, etc.

  • Unattended operation
  • Real-time monitoring
  • High industrial compatibility
Solution introduction
Dust noise detection

Dust noise detection

  • One-stop service

Solution design, equipment installation and commissioning, solution transformation and upgrading, and continuous after-sales technical support

  • Full wireless solution

A variety of wireless transmission options are available based on demand and site conditions

  • Modular design

Support customization upon the customer's request. Provide wireless solutions, noise transducer, particulate matter (PM) concentration sensor, LED outdoor display, and a wide range of accessory options

Test parameters
Construction site dust and noise monitoringReal-time monitoring of dust concentration
Real-time monitoring of noise levels
Real-time monitoring of five meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, wind velocity and direction, and atmospheric pressure)
Configuration list
CRY2110/2112/2120 Noise Transducer Configuration based on the need Details
CRY201/202 Data Acquisition Terminal Configuration based on the need Details
Meteorological parameter sensor Configuration based on the need Details
Dust concentration sensor Configuration based on the need Details
Wireless data transmission module Configuration based on the need Details