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CRYSOUND experiences the sound charm of International Audio Fair-Shenzhen, four Bluetooth audio test debut

Golden autumn in September, the air is heavy with the aroma of the orange osmanthus.the 2019 China International Audio Fair-Shenzhen, was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 20 Sept, 2019, kicking off a three-day industry-wide audiovisual feast.


2019 China International Audio Fair-Shenzhen, not only Shenzhen, but also the first time in the country to integrate upstream and downstream corporate brands in the entire industry chain, Shenzhen, as a leading demonstration area of the global intelligent audio manufacturing highland, has set off a horn to expand into the global market.The flow of tens of thousands of people brings not only the flow of purchase and sale, but also the flow of technology, cooperation, promotion, and information.  As an exhibitor, CRYSOUND witnessed this extraordinary industry-wide audio exhibition.


Due to its wireless convenience, Bluetooth headsets have replaced wired headsets and become mainstream products in the market. With the widespread popularity, people have become increasingly demanding of their sound quality and performance. In this regard,the measurement of various performance indicators of Bluetooth headsets has become the focus of production and R&D personnel.At present, there are endless audio test equipment, but there are certain limitations in test accuracy and test efficiency, which cannot meet market demand.  This time, our company exhibited the industry's first four Bluetooth audio test system,it has the characteristics of Parallel 4-Chs、UPH400、TWS Focused、Bluetooth 5.0、Upgradable,etc, Attracted a lot of visitors to stop and watch, our booth was filled with people.


Endless visitors in front of the booth~


CRYSOUND FOUR Bluetooth acoustic test system


Perfect ending,achieve great results

The conference brought together Chinese / Shenzhen electronic audio industry leaders, professors from well-known universities and institutes at home and abroad, CEOs and technical engineers of related companies, upstream and downstream manufacturers and thousands of attendees to talk about the industry grand gathering in the acoustics field.We were awarded the title of "Best Exhibitor", and at this exhibition we saw a vibrant scene of the acoustic industry.CRYSOUND will also continue to be based on the field of acoustic testing, continuously increase investment in research and development, and provide more impetus for the development of acoustics!