CRYSOUND participated in AISE 2017 ALMA International Symposium & Expo


From January 3rd to 4th, 2017, the "ALISE International Symposium & Expo 2017 Presemts" organized by the ALMA International Audio and Speaker Manufacturing Industry Association was successfully held in Las Vegas, USA.  The conference combines technical lectures, research results demonstrations, and latest equipment exhibitions, which attracted the world's top companies and experts in the field of electroacoustics.  CRYSOUND, as the only Chinese company participating in the field of electroacoustic testing, has received great attention.       



About the organizer: ALMA was founded in 1961, formerly known as the "American Speaker Manufacturing Association", and has always been committed to promoting the development of the audio and speaker industry.  In 2001, ALMA changed its name to "International Association of Audio and Speaker Manufacturing Industries" and officially became a professional speaker and acoustic organization with global influence.  Over the years, ALMA has published and promoted technical standards for the design and manufacture of speakers and speaker components, solved many problems related to the design and manufacture of speakers, and fully communicated with the academic community, providing various industry trainings, and spare no effort to promote the development of industry members.


The "AISE" 2017 International Symposium & Expo lasted two days. As a highly professional exhibition, it held more than 20 professional lectures in the field of acoustics. At the same time, it strictly screened exhibitors and allowed only the world's best speaker and microphone manufacturers and electroacoustic test companies. CRYSOUND is the only company invited to participate in the field of electroacoustic testing in China.

The exhibition also set a certain threshold for visitors. Only professionals in related fields are eligible to attend the exhibition and listen to lectures. Even so, the exhibition is still popular.  In particular, the staff who came to the CRY Sound booth for consultation has been a constant stream.

At this exhibition, our company showed the latest generation of CRY6151B electroacoustic tester for the first time. The device has a built-in 8in / 4out high-performance sound card, four ICP Mic inputs, and two-channel power amplifier output. The newly released V8.0 software in 2017 further optimized the algorithm which had the advantages of fast testing and ultra high precision, and was favored by many headset and microphone manufacturers.

Also on display were the upgraded CRY574 Bluetooth adapter, CRY711 / CRY318 artificial ear, CRY602 artificial mouth, CRY series microphones and preamps, and a headset test stand.  CRY Sound has been committed to providing a complete set of test solutions for headphone, speaker and microphone manufacturers.

At the exhibition, engineers from many companies such as Apple, BeStar, SONOS, MENLO, JJR Acoustics, CrystalAcoustics, Qualcomm, Sound United, etc. were all interested in our products.