Focus on acoustics and vibration testing-CRYSOUND appears at Automotive Testing Expo

Automotive Testing Expo China 2019 kicked off on September 24. The exhibition was held with the largest scale and the largest number of exhibitors in history, attracting more than 10,000 participants, and more than 400 world-leading brands will conduct a three-day exhibition here to showcase the latest products and technologies in the market. Naturally, HANGZHOU CRYSOUND ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.  is also indispensable.  CRYSOUND showed a number of products including industrial stethoscopes and acoustic cameras.


"Oh-oh-oh ..." There were wailing sounds from time to time in front of our booth,it made people cannot help laughing.  In order to better demonstrate the positioning function of the acoustic camera, we used the net red screaming chicken as the sound source. People passing by couldn't help coming forward to "slap" it. The appearance of the screaming chicken attracted a lot of attention for our booth.

At this exhibition, our company showed the CRY2050 industrial stethoscope for the first time. The device is based on the MEMS microphone's acoustic vector sensing technology. Through a variety of audio intelligent algorithms, it achieves super directional pickup. The location of the faulty sound source and the sound pressure level can be located with "Sweep and Listen", which is favored by many auto parts manufacturers


An endless stream of guests


President Cao is being interviewed

Also on display were the CRY300 series measurement microphones, the CRY2300 noise and vibration acquisition analyzer, and the CRY2100 series noise sensors.  The product were very welcomed by everyone, many manufacturers threw olive branches to us, and the conversation with business competitor also benefited us a lot. We also had deeper thinking about the prospect of this industry. CRYSOUND will continue to be committed to providing acoustic and vibration test solutions!