Bluetooth Dongle product manual
Bluetooth Dongle product manual
  • Bluetooth Dongle product manual
  • Bluetooth Dongle product manual

CRY576 Bluetooth Dongle product manual

CRY576 Bluetooth Dongle is a Bluetooth device designed for Bluetooth audio and UI testing. It is suitable for testing in R&D laboratories and production lines. It can be used not only with CRY6151B electroacoustic tester, but also as a separate module with other testing equipment. CRY576 adapts to various bluetooth solutions, with strong reliability and fast test speed. The Bluetooth connection with most solutions is less than 3 seconds. Users can cooperate with CRY6151B test software or independent CRY576 tool software to control CRY576 Bluetooth Dongle to search, pair, connect, play audio and record, etc.

Product features

Product features

  • It is suitable for various earphone schemes and has high connection test efficiency

  • Support multiple codecs

  • Support reading basic information of Bluetooth device

  • Support spp communication

  • Support two communication modes of HID and serial port

  • Support up and down music, volume adjustment, pause / answer and other key tests

  • Support recording, playback, listening and other tests

  • Support DFU remote upgrade firmware

Technical specification
Bluetooth parameters

Bluetooth version


Bluetooth protocol version

A2DP Source v1.3 

HFP Audio Gateway v1.6 

AVRCP Target v1.5

A2DP encoder



HFP codec



A2DP sampling rate

48kHz, 44.1kHz

USB Interface

USB Type C

RF interface


Communication mode


Appearance dimension

121mm*95mm*43mm  (Without antenna)

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