Measurement microphone
Measurement microphone
  • Measurement microphone

CRY312 Measurement microphone

Pressure field type; frequency range: 4 Hz - 8 kHz; sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa; dynamic range: 10-146 dB

CRY312 is a 1'' pressure-field pre-polarization measurement microphone. The design of titanium alloy and precision stainless steel makes it not only excellent in corrosion resistance and robustness, but also extremely high stability, so that it is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. The unique design allows it to have the upper limit of 8 kHz within its frequency range and a very high sensitivity, which makes it suitable for certain special test applications.



  • Compliance with IEC61094-4: 1995 Measurement microphones - Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones

  • Compliance with GBT20441.4-2006 Measurement microphones - Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones

Technical specification
Technical specifications of CRY312
Sound field typePressure field type
Sensitivity (@ 250 Hz ± 2 dB)50mV/Pa
Sensitivity (@ 250 Hz ± 2 dB)-26dB re 1V/Pa
Frequency response (±2 dB)4Hz~8kHz
Polarization voltage0V(pre-polarization)
Typical capacitance55pF
Upper limit of dynamic range (re 20 uPa)≥146dB(distortion < 3%)
Lower limit of dynamic range (re 20uPa)≤10dB(A)
Range of operating temperature-20℃~60℃
Temperature coefficient (-10 ℃ to 50 °C)0.015dB/℃
Static pressure coefficient-0.01dB/kPa
Relative humidity range (without condensation)0~90%RH
Relative humidity coefficient<0.1dB (0 - 90% RH without condensation)
Pressure equalization methodPost-pressure equalization
IEC 61094-4 DesignationWS1F
Height (without protective grid)19mm
Diameter (including protective grid)23.77mm
Height (without protective grid)17mm
Diameter (without protective grid)23.77mm
Preamplifier with thread23.11mm-60UNS
Protective grid thread23.11mm-60UNS
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Measurement microphone
Measurement microphone
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