• Preamplifier

CRY543 Preamplifier

1/4'', dual / single power supply, with cable and DB9 port

CRY543 Preamplifier is paired with a pre-polarization 1/4" measurement microphone,and featured by high input impedance, low noise floor, and a wide frequency response range.It can be used with CRY300 series 1/4'' pre-polarization measurement microphones and is also compatible with other brands of measurement microphones, such as B&K and G.R.A.S. CRY543 preamplifier is suitable for wide operating temperature and humidity.Its low output impedance can support long distance transmission.Preamplifier, cable and connector meet EMC requirements, bandwidth can up to 40kHz .

  • Small size
  • High industrial compatibility
  • Wide frequency response range
Technical specification
Pin definition of CRY543
PIN2+5 V, red
PIN4GND, green, shielding
Technical specification of CRY543

Frequency response range10 Hz - 80 kHz (±0.2 dB)
Input impedance>1GΩ
Output impedance<20Ω
Distortion factor (THD)<0.1%
Max. output voltage>5.0 Vrms 
Power Supply ModeDual power supply: ± 3V to ± 10V, <1 mA; single power supply: +5 V to +20 V, <1 mA
Noise (A-weighted)<3 μVrms
Noise, linear (20 - 20 kHz)<10 μVrms
Gain0 dB
Port typeAviation plug (standard cable for conversion between aviation plug and DB9)
Applicable temperature range-30℃ ~ +70℃
Thread interface11.7mm x 60UNS (M11.7×0.423mm)


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