Case Study: Empowering Petrochemical Industry Maintenance

Experience the power of CRYSOUND Acoustic Imagers—your trump card for petrochemical industry maintenance.

The petrochemical industry operates within a complex web of pipes, ducts, and devices, where the threat of gas leaks looms large. These leaks not only pose significant financial risks but also endanger lives. In this critical landscape, meticulous facility maintenance and daily gas leak inspections are paramount. That's where CRYSOUND acoustic imagers come into play, revolutionizing the industry with their unparalleled efficiency and user-friendly operation. Say goodbye to traditional detection methods, as our cutting-edge devices swiftly identify gas leaks in expansive spaces and precisely pinpoint leak sources within complex networks. Moreover, their IP54 degree and ATEX certification make them the go-to solution for hazardous environments, including chemical plants housing flammable gases. 

Explore the Versatility of CRYSOUND Acoustic Imagers in the Petrochemical Industry:

1. Duct Gallery

Conducting inspections in duct galleries has never been easier. Many hidden pipe joints and valves are often overlooked during routine inspections, but our acoustic imagers empower inspection personnel to efficiently examine these areas from a safe distance on the ground. No more inaccessible spots or missed leaks.


2. Tank Area

Unloading in tank areas poses a common risk of gas leakage due to inadequate sealing. Unfortunately, this critical area is often neglected by third-party inspection teams. Our acoustic imagers provide a highly efficient testing method to detect leaks promptly, ensuring safety and preventing potential disasters.


3. Combustion Furnace

Routine inspections tend to overlook the middle section of pipes beneath combustion furnaces, where gas supply hoses are located. By incorporating acoustic imaging devices into your inspection routine, you can achieve comprehensive coverage and leave no room for oversight.


4. Oil Delivery Device

The repetitive back-and-forth movement involved in transferring oil to tank trucks can compromise sealing, leading to oil and gas leaks. Our acoustic imagers detect these leaks promptly, enabling you to maintain a secure working environment and prevent costly incidents.

acoustic imager.png 

The applications of our acoustic imagers extend far beyond the scenarios mentioned above. We invite you to contact us ( for more details and join us in unlocking the vast possibilities of acoustic detection technology. Together, let's elevate your maintenance practices and ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in the petrochemical industry.