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GVS139B Polarity tester

GVS139B Polarity tester adopts pulse test, which is not affected by environmental noises. It can quickly and automatically identify the positive and negative polarity of loudspeakers, headphones, televisions, stereos, speakers, and voice coil receivers. It is suitable for production lines. Meanwhile, you can use a foot switch to switch between an external sweeper, F0, and impedance meter. It is the most suitable for the full-featured detection of speakers on production lines.

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  • Fast and accurate
  • Simple operation
  • Excellent stability
Product Advantages

Product Advantages

  • GVS139B can accurately and quickly determine the positive and negative polarities of the speaker unit, each speaker in the loudspeaker, the earphone, and the receiver in a noisy environment. The positive and negative polarities are displayed with the aid of sound and lighting. Its operation is simple and no misjudgment is possible.

  • There are three sets of external input terminals and touch switch selectors to cooperate with other instruments to test the characteristics of speakers, which can greatly improve the productivity.

  • It can also accurately determine the polarity when used in a noisy environment (e.g. production line).

Technical specification
Technical specifications of GV3139B

Measurement mode

Pulse-based measurement method

Pulse width

0.4 ms

Test speed

Approx. 0.2s

Pulse amplitude


Max. sensitivity


Touch electronic switch

A. WF level: suitable for woofer polarity test

B. M&T level: suitable for polarity test of horn loaded MF and tweeter

C. EXT1 - EXT3: signal input terminal connected to an instrument

Test distance

Measurement within 2 - 4 cm distance from the center point of the pressure-proof cover of the speaker to be tested

Polarity determination

Positive polarity: green LED indicator lights up and beeps.

Negative polarity: red LED indicator lights up, but the buzzer does not sound.

Number of operators

The switch can be switched automatically, and the test of polarity and impedance can be done by one person.

Overall dimension (mm)

85(H)X 205(W)X 280(L)

Instrument weight


Configuration checklist

Main unit

1 set

Microphone cable

1 pcs

Power cord, signal line

1 set

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